What Hanson Means to Me

Carson Doucet- Hanson Memorial 8th Grader

     Hanson means a lot to me.  Just being able to learn religion with Ms. Katie is a blessing for me.  It is also cool to be a part of Hanson's Athletic Association.  This school is the best and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Living in a time where God is not allowed in some schools or at some sporting events, it is very special that I get to pray two times in each class throughout the day.  Thank you God for blessing me with this awesome school.

Ellen Chauvin- Hanson Memorial Graduate 

     Hanson means more to me than just an empty desk in a classroom to fill.  It is a place that pushes me to my limit and shows me as well as my teachers what I am made of.  My school has made a great impact on my life, my accomplishments, and my decision making for my future.  When help or guidance is needed, it is given.  Hanson is more than a school.  We are a family who will never leave a member behind.  My greatest blessing is being able to be a part of such an amazing environment and to notice how much I have grown in my faith, academics, and character.  There is no place I would rather be.  Hanson Memorial has made me the best version of myself.

Coach Ryan Stoute- Hanson Memorial Dean of Students and Athletic Director

     Hanson Memorial for me is so much more than my job.  It is my home away from home, a community of believers, and people I want to surround my family.  I was reconnected with my faith because of this school.  While I truly believe that I am a servant of this school- community, Hanson has served me and has given me so much.  My wife Jade and I are one because of Hanson.  My son Bekham and daughter(on the way) Tatum are my greatest gifts and are because of Hanson Memorial.  I am not a graduate of Hanson but after being here for twelve years I believe that this is my school. It is my passion, my hobby, and my family.  Few things have affected me in my lifetime like this school.  The love shared on these grounds is what continues to grow me as a man of God.

Jace Duhon- Hanson Memorial 8th Grader

     This is my first year at Hanson and I love it here, from having my own locker, to bringing my own lunch.  Even though I loved St. John, and it was awesome, I feel even more at home at Hanson.  My favorite part is switching classes.

     I am very thankful that I am able to get a Catholic education.  I love learning about God and learning all my other subjects at the same time.  Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me to St. John and Hanson.

Bo Barrilleaux- Hanson Memorial Graduate

     My Catholic school means the world to me.  I love going to school everyday learning more and more about Jesus.  I'm so blessed with everything at Hanson.  My sports mean alot to me also.  They motivate me to keep my grades up.  Waking up everyday and seeing all my friends never gets old.  The teaching staff is great at Hanson.  I couldn't ask for any better.  This is what Hanson means to me!

Monique Lancon- Hanson Memorial 2015 Teacher of the Year

      Hanson is a place where we, as adults, can create a nurturing environment to raise healthy adults in a sick world.  We endeavor to keep Hanson clean and pure for the rearing.  At times we do not succeed but we try our best and strive to create the best environment possible for our students.  We want our students to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

       I am a third generation, married a first generation, and my children are fourth generation alumni of Hanson Memorial.  To me, there is no other place like Hanson Memorial.  It was hard to be a student here.  I had to fight to be the student and member that I wanted to be.  I believe it is equally challenging today and possibly more.  I am a cradle Catholic and I believe in a Catholic education.  I can say with strong conviction that I was prepared for the world by the teachers, coaches, and other faculty members here at Hanson.  My children were also prepared.  The students who work and try to become a fully integrated part of Hanson are prepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Noel Baker- Hanson Memorial Senior

     My school means so much to me.  It is my second home.  Even before I was a student at Hanson, I spent many hours here with my mom and siblings.  I love that we have mass as a school family every week.  God is present with me each day as I walk through the halls.  We have service projects that help other people.  I love football season and the Friday nights under the lights drumming and cheering our boys on.  I especially love my teammates on the softball team.  Some of us have been playing ball together since elementary school.  We work together to accomplish a common goal.   Hanson gives me the opportunity to be involved in different organizations and to develop my many talents to serve my school and others.  I love my school because it allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Abby Dugas- Hanson Memorial 9th Grader

     Hanson truly means the world to me.  It's only my second year attending and it has helped me in many ways.  Every time something goes wrong our school works together and figures everything out.  A huge thank you to Ms. Kim for everything she does for our school.  She is always doing things to benefit our school.

     Every time I need something the Hanson teachers and staff are always there.  Hanson has impacted me in many ways.  It has helped me to become a young, open- minded, Christian person.  Although I haven't really discovered who I am or what my plans are in life, Hanson will help me with that.  Thanks to everyone who is a part of my Hanson family.  I truly love all of you.

Ms. Michelle Tholen- Hanson Memorial English Teacher

     It is not often in life that one knows without a doubt that she is in the right place at the right time. However, for me, that is exactly what has happened here at Hanson.

     This is my first year teaching here.  In that short amount of time, I have found the school community very supportive and welcoming.  From the moment I walked into the front door of this beautiful, old building, I felt at home.  Students and faculty instantly treated me as though I were a part of the Hanson family and because of that, I love being here.

     On a spiritual level, Hanson provides me with the opportunity to include Christ in every moment of my day.  I am able (I hope) to demonstrate to the students that not only is Jesus our center, but that a life filled with Christ is a happy one.  Every day there is the chance to impact a child’s life, not just from an academic standpoint, but from a Catholic Christian one as well.  I get to be what I’m “called” or meant to be on a daily basis. Doing that is a blessing that I am thankful for each day.

John Higdon- Hanson Memorial Graduate 

      Home.  Hanson has been my home since 2006.  From football games, to walking in the office and seeing Mrs. Millie's smiling face, there is no other place I would rather be.  There is a rich tradition within these halls that no one understands better than myself.  Hanson is about academics, athletics, and all the other activities that go along with being a tiger.  Being a tiger is bigger than all of that though.  Being a Hanson Memorial Tiger is being a part of a family with God as our Father.  All students, faculty, and administration play a specific role.  Hanson in my eyes is my home, my family, and my life.