As a past graduate, Catholic education in a small town is now fond memories.   Your Senior Oval was framed and displayed, in honor of your graduating class. Good ole’ stories continued to be shared about your class, as well as, accomplishments made by you, individually after graduation.  You are noticed by many new students, parents, grandparents, and friends who share the same footsteps, once walked to daily classes... a Friday night football game... Saturday night Auditorium event... or even a much-needed, faith-filled, quiet prayer in your small school’s chapel.   All graduates, received one unique gift from Hanson, to continue the chapters of ”The Book of Life”. This best graduation gift  ...The knowledge of Catholic faith, particularly needed for life’s happiness, sadness, success, and challenges. 

    With this said, parents of the 2016 graduating seniors would like to link Alumni with 2016 fellow graduates.  We are in need of Positive Role Models for continued success after Graduation, along with sharing the Hanson Alma Mater Pride! This is an informal invitation hoping to receive many “Big Brothers and sisters” to join us!

The Plan:

1. Promote Project Prom  (Hanson Parents’ Program focused on PREVENTIVE ALCOHOL USE) *Seniors, who submit and pass a breathalyzer test upon Prom’s entrance, are eligible for the “graduation gifts drawing”, held throughout the night!  One Last High School Lesson - Positive REINFORCEMENT, Prizes given to teach them to take responsibility for behaviors.

* Prizes are collected from DONATIONS: Cash, Gift Cards, or Any Type of   Graduation Gift (labeled with Name, Address, Phone, and Email of Donor)


2. Commit to the 2016 Lil’ Brothers and Sisters

*With your Donation: Include a Prayer that has helped you, or Short Note , or a Simple Sentence of Encouragement to begin this next chapter of “The Book of Life”.

(These will be put together and given to All Seniors at Prom).


3.  Mail or Drop Off (labeled donations to) COMPLETE by MAY 6th *parents will then finalize the project in time for Prom Night ,May 13th, Friday).

Hanson Parents Project Prom

903 Anderson St.

Franklin, La. 70538


With Sincere Thanks from the Project Prom Committee and Hopes for this Link between Graduates,

Pamela Johnson