District and State Rally 2017

Congratulation to the following students who placed in 2017 District Literary Rally at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 1st- 3rd place will advance to the state competition at Louisiana State University. 
 Advanced Math- 2nd Noel Baker
Pre-Calculus- 1st Jacob Adams
Algebra I- 3rd Jamie Adams
Algebra II- 3rd Sydni Gaither
Biology- 1st Koby Boudreaux
Biology II- 5th Trace Presley
Calculus I- 2nd Baylee Young
Chemistry- 1st Allyssa Young
Civics- 2nd Brian Sonnier
English I- 2nd Carlee Sinitiere
English II- 2nd Aleksandra Adams
English III- 2nd Samantha Bertrand
English IV- 3rd Isabella Mire
Environmental Science- 3rd Ali Breaux
Financial Math- 1st Kyler Clements
Geometry- 3rd William Splane
Journalism I - 2nd Kortlyn Blanchard
Physical Science- 2nd Olivia St. Blanc
Physics- 3rd Peyton Trahan
Principles of Business- 1st Ryan Polito
Psychology- 2nd Sarah Splane
Sociology- 1st Abby Ronsonet
Spanish III- 2nd Mackenzie Guillotte
U.S. History- 5th Sarah Daniel
World History- 3rd Samantha Schexnayder