Hanson Memorial High School Admission Policy

The following priorities shall be adhered to for the re-registration of presently enrolled students and registration of all new students:

1.  Presently enrolled students if they meet the established eligibility policies for readmission.

2.  Students who successfully complete the fifth grade at St. John Elementary in good standing are automatically accepted.

3.  Brothers and sisters of presently enrolled students

4.  Students of St. John/Hanson faculty if they meet the eligibility rules

5.  Children of alumni

6.  Catholic students who have transferred from another Catholic School

7.  Catholic students from Church of the Assumption Parish and other neighboring are Catholic Church parishes

8.  Students entering from the public/private school system.

9.  Re-admission of students who leave St. John/Hanson for any reason is left to the discretion of the Pastor and Administrator on an individual case basis.

10.  Acceptable student behavior and parental cooperation are to be considered when admitting or re-registering students at St. John/Hanson


FACTS Management for Tuition/Fee Payments