Featured Alumni



Name: Charles Hanagriff

Graduating Class: 1989

What is your current career? Sportscaster

Where did you further your education? LSU

What has been going on since you graduated from Hanson?

I have lived in Baton Rouge since graduation, attended and graduated from LSU and currently work for the LSU Sports Radio Network as well as the LSU flagship station.

What is your favorite Hanson memory?

Winning two road football playoff games my senior year, Ring Mass, and Last Mass.

Who was your favorite teacher or faculty member here at Hanson?  Billy Gene Talbot

How did Hanson enrich your life?  That core values and education that I got there enabled me to succeed at the next level in college and beyond.

How has your Catholic education impacted your life?  The core values of the religion guide me on a daily basis.