Graduation Requirements

To receive a Hanson diploma and participate in the Hanson Graduation Ceremony, students are required to:
  • Pass every class taken their senior year (final exams for seniors may be comprehensive or cover the 2nd semester)
  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service by graduation, 10 hours per year, turned in yearly. (​If students do not adhere to this policy, they will receive a state diploma only and will not participate in the Hanson graduation ceremony.)
  • Fulfill all degree requirements as outlined in each student's respective diploma track (i.e., Core 4, Basic, TOPS University)

 Hanson Memorial Graduation Checklist


English:                                                                         Math:

___  English I                                                                 ___ Algebra I   

___ English II                                                                 ___ Geometry

___ English III                                                                ___ Algebra II

___ English IV                                                                ___ Math (Fin Math/Calculus/Adv Math)
                                                                                    ** Financial Math does not count for TOPS


Social Studies:                                                              Science:

___ World Geography                                                   ___ Physical Science

___ Civics                                                                    ___ Biology I

___ American History                                                   ___ Chemistry

___ World History                                                         ___ Science (Biology II/Physics/Env Sci)


Religion:                                                                       Foreign Language:

___ Religion I                                                                ___ Spanish I

___ Religion II                                                               ___ Spanish II

___ Religion II

___ Religion IV (Touch/CM)



P.E./Health                                                                 Art:

___ Health (1/2 credit)                                                ___ Fine Arts/Choir/Theater

___ P.E. I (1/2 credit)

___ P.E. II



___ Elective __________________________