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Hanson Memorial High School is under the guidance of the Church of the Assumption and the St. John Hanson Advisory Council, which meets on the third Monday of each month. Parents are always welcome to attend the meetings.

Members of the Council are:
Chris Childers, President
Clint Judice, Vice President
Wilson Judice 
Dwayne Doucet
Chad Judice
Jackie St. Blanc
John Kahl
Ed "Tiger" Verdin
Summers Francois
Amy LeBlanc
Ex-Officio Members:
Father Joel Faulk, Pastor, Church of the Assumption
Ms. Sheri Higdon, Principal, St. John Elementary
Connie Daigle, Principal, Hanson Memorial High School
Tina Landry Hidalgo, Bookkeeper
Anna St. Blanc, Development Director