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Membership in the National Society is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high school student. Membership is, however, more than an award. Induction carries the responsibility to continue academic excellence and honorable conduct for life. Membership should be considered the beginning of an obligation, not merely the successful culmination of an effort to achieve recognition.
National Honor Society Handbook

2023-2024 NHS Officers
President: Carter Fauxcheux
Vice President: Ally Burgess
Secretary: Marlee Price
Treasurer: Daniel Ibert

Members of the HMS National Honor Society are available for tutoring fellow students in the library, Monday-Thursday at 7:30 AM on their appointed day of the week:

Mondays: Marlee Price, Ethan Judice, Madelyn Trosclair, & Allie Tyler
Tuesdays: Sammy Mai & Richard Lin
Wednesdays: Carter Faucheux, Ally Burgess, Luke Miller, Amelia Reynolds, & James Fuhrer
Thursdays: Daniel Ibert, Ethan LeBlanc, Peyton Landry, & William Landry

Tutoring could include:

- helping with or checking over homework
- completing and reviewing study guides
- help with projects in any subject
- help with preparing for tests

Encourage your child to seek out these outstanding Hanson seniors for help.  They are here to serve.