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Hanson Memorial Counseling Department

The Counseling Department at Hanson offers students the resources and tools necessary to grow in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, spiritual well-being, and career planning. 

Services offered:

  • Classroom Guidance: In-class lessons given to students on common topics, such as:
  • Academic skills support
  • Organizational, study and test-taking skills
  • Post-secondary planning and application process
  • Career planning
  • Education in understanding self and others
  • Coping strategies
  • Peer relationships and effective social skills
  • Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution and study skills
  • Career awareness and the world of work
  • Substance abuse education
  • Multicultural/diversity awareness

Individual Student Planning

  • Goal setting
  • Academic plans
  • Career plans
  • Problem solving
  • Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Transition plans

Responsive Services

  • Individual and small-group counseling
  • Individual/family/school crisis intervention
  • Peer mediation
  • Consultation/collaboration
  • Referrals

Resources regarding TOPS, scholarships, and financial aid

Administering and offering interpretation of test scores (i.e., ACT, PSAT, ASVAB, ACT Aspire)

Academic advice regarding course scheduling in regards to graduation requirements and post-secondary plans