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Junior High Course Requirements

Students in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade of Hanson Memorial High follow a curriculum designed not only to meet, but to exceed, the minimum requirements set forth by the State Department of Education. In addition, all students at each level follow the requirements outlined by the Religion Department of Hanson Memorial High School. Eighth graders may take Algebra I if they have a national standing in mathematics above 7, must have an A or B in all previous math classes, and must have a positive recommendation from the student’s junior high math teachers.

High School Curriculum

The Hanson curriculum is tailored to assure success in college. The grades from the Intensive Track grouping will be used to determine the valedictorian and salutatorian. Should a tie occur, it will remain. For scholarship purposes, the tie will be broken using the numerical average from the starred * courses. Students should follow either the “Intensive” or “College Bound” tract. Classes such as Driver’s Ed. and summer school classes will be shown on the transcript and reflected in the final GPA. Subjects are offered according to the number of requests. Not all subjects listed are offered each year.