Name Title Email
Adams, Kim Principal Email
Baker, Raquel Instructor Email
Coleman, Melvin Instructor Email
Cunningham, Tammy Beta Sponsor Email
Cunningham, Tammy Sponsor Email
Daigle, Gillian Instructor Email
Garrett, Jamarr Instructor Email
Hebert, Cindy Instructor Email
Hidalgo, Christina Bookkeeper Email
Lancon, Monique Instructor Email
Landry, Katie Religion Director Email
Lange, Roxanne Secretary Email
Louviere, Paige Instructor Email
Luke, Monique Instructor Email
Martin, Carey Counselor Email
Melancon, Dawn Development Email
Pontiff, Roye Instructor Email
Robicheaux, Mary Religion Director Email
Sanders, Chris Vice Principal Email
Sanders, Kathy Instructor Email
Simoneaux, Skyler Instructor Email
Sinitiere, Ronnie Instructor Email
Stoute, Ryan Athletic Director Email
Trahan, Devan Instructor Email
Verrette, Marissa Instructor Email
Williams, Trudy Transportation Email

Blessed are those who are called to teach,for they walk in the footsteps of the MASTER.

Blessed are those who plant seeds of HOPE in youthful hearts, for they will inherit the dawn.

Blessed are those who are sensitive to the crisis of youth today, for they yearn for the coming of the KING.

Blessed are those who reach out to GOD in their students, for they will surely find HIM and rejoice.

Blessed are those who lead young people in the paths of justice and peace, for they will shine like stars for all eternity.